Thanks to everyone who has made us so busy over the last few days - I must keep up with the blog too!  It's been super-busy and we're pulling together the programme for our first cookery courses with our friends at the Edinburgh School of Food and Wine.

Classes should begin in December/January, so keep an eye on this blog as well as our facebook and twitter to know when it's possible to book in!  We'll also offer gift vouchers for both dining at Bindi in Newington or taking part in one of our classes, so if your mind is turning to Christmas shopping, we can promise something very special!

We've met some great new people in our journey so far and have been so incredibly encouraged by all the kind comments, social media love and reviews that people have submitted - thank you all, we love hearing from you.


Hirayali Paratha

Hirayali Paratha

Yesterday I was sad to learn that Tarla Dalal, an amazing Indian cook who has inspired millions of people, myself included, passed away.  I decided to make her Hirayali Paratha as a special today to remember her in some little way.  She has written over 100 cookery books over the years and I would recommend any of them very highly to anyone who wants to experiment with healthy vegetarian cuisine.

Well, that's all for now - we're getting things ready for our dinner guests this evening, I hope you can join us!

Pop in for lunch, dinner or a cup of chai soon.